NY Paid Family Leave

September 22, 2018


NY Paid Family Leave –


Update on NYS DBL/PFL Rates: there is less exciting news on NYS Statutory Disability / Paid Family Leave Coverage (“DBL/PFL” Insurance). The rates for PFL coverage will increase beginning 1/1/19,. The NYS Department of Financial Services just announced that premiums for the Paid Family Leave (PFL) benefit will increase approximately 21% over the new program’s initial rate charged in 2018.
Here is a summary of the changes for 2019:The 2019 rate will be .153% of an employee’s gross wages, up from .126%.
  • The maximum chargeable premium per employee will be $107.97 effective 1/1/2019 (up from $85.56).
  • The maximum annual chargeable payroll, based on the state’s Average Weekly Wage, will be $70,569.72 (up from $67,907.84 for 2018)
  • The maximum benefit under the PFL program will increase from 50% to 55% of the employee’s average weekly wage, but not to exceed 55% of the statewide average weekly age.
  • The maximum permissable weeks of leave will increase to 10 weeks from 8 weeks

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