New York State Expands Anti-Discrimination Laws

August 9, 2020


New York State (NYS) has once again increased its protections against workplace discrimination and harassment in the state.

  New York State’s Human Rights Law was amended within the last year to be in accordance with rights afforded to New York City residents under its Human Rights Law. The legislation strengthens the state’s anti-discrimination laws by eliminating the restriction that harassment be “severe or pervasive” in order to be legally actionable. It also mandates that all non-disclosure agreements allow employees to file a complaint of harassment or discrimination. The final provision of the new law—extending the statute of limitations for filing employment sexual harassment claims from one year to three years—goes into effect this month, on August 12, 2020.  Given the environment today, we would encourage you to consider EPL insurance to protect your business.The premium cost is more reasonable than you might expect. We can provide a price indication and coverage summary with just a few pieces of information about your business. Please take this opportunity to learn more about Employment Practices Liability insurance.