Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

Many consumers look at homeowners and auto insurance as necessary expenses. That is until an unanticipated incident occurs and they are rendered immobile due to a catastrophic event, such as a car accident, house fire or weather-related damage.

At Keevily, we provide a full range of Personal Insurance options to protect against life’s surprises.

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  • Home Insurance
  • Personal Automobile
  • Personal Umbrella
  • Individual Life Insurance
  • Individual Disability Income
  • Group Excess
  • Valuable Items:
  •  Valuable Articles & Collectibles Coverage helps you protect your financial investment in jewelry, collectibles, china, crystal, silver, artworks, furs, antiques and virtually any other type of valuable.

Our Philosophy

“Once everyone is found safe, the second question is, what do we do and where do we go? Most policies will cover replacement costs of your property, but what do you do between the time of the damage and the time it takes to rebuild, which could be as much as one year? Our clients can answer that question and sleep easy at night knowing their accommodations will be on par with their current lifestyle, including school district and community, for as long as it takes to rebuild.”
— Ken Kaufman, CPCU CLU ChFC, Keevily | Spero Whitelaw