Buy-and-Sell Agreement

Buy-and-Sell Agreement:

Approach used for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and close corporations in which the business interests of a deceased or disabled proprietor, partner, or shareholder are sold according to a predetermined formula to the remaining member( s) of the business. For example, a partnership has three principals. Upon the death of one, the two survivors have agreed to purchase, and the deceased partner’s estate has agreed to sell, the interest of that partner according to a predetermined formula for valuing the partnership to the survivors. Funds for buying out the deceased partner’s interest are usually provided by life insurance policies, with each partner purchasing a policy on the other partners. Each is the owner and beneficiary of the policies purchased on the other partners.

When a sole proprietor dies, usually a key employee is the buyer/successor. The sole proprietorship, partnership, and close corporation under the entity plan can buy and own life insurance policies on the proprietor, partner, or shareholder and achieve the same result as when an individual buys and owns the policies.

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