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Trucking Association of NY State
Safety Group #588

Serving the NY State trucking Industry, Safety Group #588 was established by the Trucking Association of NY (TANY) in 2011. TANY is the leading member organization serving the needs of the trucking industry in NY State. TANY selected Keevily Spero Whitelaw to manage the program based on Keevily's decades of experience, proven service capability and strong performance record as Group Manager. This program will give the TANY members the opportunity to reduce their workers compensation costs through competitive premium discounts and Safety Group dividends.

In order to qualify for the new trucking industry Safety Group program, the employer must be a member of the TANY. Click here to view the association website:

Competitive Premiums
20% Discount to Qualified Members
Plus potential Safety Group Dividends

Keevily Safety Group Benefits & Services:

Qualified NY Workers' Comp Classifications:

7219 - Trucking NOC
7197 - Parcel/Package Delivery
7231 - Messengers NOC
8292 - Storage Warehouse - General
8293 - Storage Warehouse - Furniture

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