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From the heart of Westchester and New York City, serving New York employers from Buffalo to Riverhead, Brooklyn to Plattsburgh and every county in between.

For 90 years, State Fund Safety Groups have delivered value and savings through upfront premium discounts, reduction on NY State assessment costs and group dividends.

When it comes to Workers' Compensation Insurance, Keevily's Safety Groups have withstood the test of time, even as trendy coverage schemes, such as Group Self Insurance Trusts, come and go, Keevily State Fund Safety Groups continue to deliver consistent value and savings through substantial upfront discounts, a significant reduction on NY State assessment costs, and a benefit through shared group dividends -- rewards for your good (claims) experience and diligent safety efforts.

By managing and servicing Safety Group programs, Keevily has helped thousands of companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars across four specialty industry areas:

"I saved more than 20% upfront on my premium when I joined the Keevily Electrical Industries of NY Safety Group."
-- TEC Systems, Inc. Queens, NY

Keevily Safety Programs deliver significant upfront premium discounts of 20%.

What are Safety Groups?

Our NY Workers' Compensation Safety Groups are Workers' Compensation insurance programs that are underwritten by the New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF). A State Fund Safety Group is a cost-plus plan for Workers' Compensation Insurance producing low-cost non-profit coverage for groups of employers with similar operational hazards. As an incentive to Group Members to practice safety, the State Fund returns generated savings in the form of dividends to the Group Members. Hence, every dollar saved by a prevented or properly managed claim is a whole dollar returned to Group Members.

While dividends are not guaranteed, Keevily has paid out consistently for more than 35 years with an average payment of between 20-25%

Eligible members are entitled to a substantial competitive advance discount and to also participate in group dividends.

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