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"The distinctive value that we bring to our clients is knowing what questions to ask, because more often than not, our clients admit that they don't know, what they don't know. Our knowledge of coverage, contracts and our clients' business is broad and deep, but our customers find value in how we work with their other advisors, such as legal and financial, to coordinate information and integrate solutions rather than simply selling a stand alone insurance product."
-- Ken Kaufman, CPCU CLU ChFC, Keevily | Spero Whitelaw

Regardless of size, Keevily offers protection options to a wide variety of industries, ranging from small start-ups to large publicly traded companies. Our wide-range of products from top carriers include:

"One of our clients recently told us that prior to engaging with Keevily, he felt his insurance agent was great - the best in the business - but after working with us, his expectations were redefined."
-- Tom McEvily, CPCU, Keevily | Spero Whitelaw

Keevily has built a strong reputation and a long history insuring and servicing the following industries:

Our Group Benefits & Business Continuity coverage options reflect our understanding of the balance clients need to maintain between cost effective coverage and competitive employee incentives.

Employee benefit plans are a big part of how your company competes for and retains top talent in the current economy. Ask Keevily which policies will best meet your needs. Reach us at 800-523-5516.


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