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To report a Workers' Compensation claim electronically please visit:

The benefits of Electronic Claim Filing immediately are:

Claims submitted through State Insurance Fund’s online system are routed to the State Insurance Fund manager and Keevily to start the process of managing your claims.

Medical Bills and claim documents other than the C2:
fax to (914) 381-1134 or email and we will make sure they are addressed and attached to the claim file.

Ivana Molinari, WC Claims Assistant - (914) 269-9459

Demeika Wheeler, WC Claims Assistant - (914) 269-9441

Mary Dennis, WC Claims Assistant - (914) 412-0511

Richard Whitehill, WC Actuarial Specialist - (914) 412-0509

Janice Robinson, WC Sr. Claims Specialist - (914) 412-0572

Genevieve Keller, WC Claims Manager - (914) 412-0563

Claims reporting Q&A

Do I have a loss id?
If this in the first time you are attempting to enter the claim and you have not received a notice from NYSIF / Keevily– Click NO. If you have received notice from NYSIF / Keevily regarding an eFroi being needed please click YES to avoid creating a duplicate case.
Why isn't my policy # being accepted?
You must enter the policy # with no letters, spaces or dashes.
The system keeps freezing when I input the zip code, what should I do?
You may have some compatibility issued with your system and Internet Explorer. The easiest solution to this problem would be to use another web browser such as Google’s Chrome. If you need further assistance with this technical issue please contact State Insurance Fund’s Helpdesk at 1-877-435-7743 during regular business days, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Where do I choose the correct entity?
There will be a drop down menu with all the entities covered under your policy; please be sure to choose the active entity which is paying the injured worker.
It would not let me submit. What am I missing?
Check the body part and be sure the green "ADD" button was selected after each injured body part selected, even it is just one listed. Also make sure you have clicked the affirmation box on the submit page.
What is the Claimant Information Packet and how do I get it.
Download the Claimant Information Packet here
What is the "Loss Type"
Below are the definitions of the choices:
  • Traumatic loss type - an sudden unexpected accident
  • Occupational Disease - A disease arising from employment conditions, including occupational hearing loss. The disease must be produced as a natural incident of a particular occupation, such as asbestosis from asbestos removal.
  • Cumulative Injury (Other than disease) - A type of workers injury that arises from the repetition of physically traumatic job tasks over an extended length of time. Examples are carpal tunnel syndrome and hearing loss.
Did we have to continue to pay the employee after the injury?
Ongoing wages are optional. Please call our office to speak to our specialists for additional information.
What is the Manual Classification Code?
The drop down menu will list only those codes that are included on you policy. Please select the one that best fits the one specific to the injured worker.


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