green tick  Safety Group Claims

After you have submitted a claim, how do you minimize associated costs, shorten disability periods and eliminate fraud and abuse? This is where we earn our stripes and your trust as knowledgeable and experienced service providers.

Our highly competent, experienced and client-focused staff brings solid advice and safety education programs that are designed to help you minimize financial risk and legal exposure associated with your existing claims. Our programs, such as Early Return to Work, can be incorporated as part of your company's existing safety programs, so you have all bases covered.

Once approved as a Workers' Compensation Safety Group member, Keevily knows that the next most critical factor for you is a hassle-free Claims Management Process.

Keevily Safety Group Claims Team

Employers in the, Plumbing and Heating companies, Electrical Industries , Apparel Industries , Sanitation & Recycling companies, Trucking Association of NY State as well as Dairy businesses have joined Keevily's Workers' Comp Safety Groups, not only because we streamline the process of acquiring cost-effective, and generous protection, but also because of our dedicated team of professionals with years of expertise in the Workers Compensation field.


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